Reviews of Clare Home Improvement

Whole House Renovation

by Sandy, Washingtonville, NY

Before and after kitchen remodel by Clare Home Improvement
Before and after kitchen remodel by Clare Home Improvement

As far as James goes, he is a character. To sum up James in a few words is responsive, conscious-us, professional. He shows up when he says he is going to show up. He works very hard and makes sure it is done right from the begining.

I can not say enough about him. Our house is almost 100 years old and was in desperate need of some TLC. James replaced our porch, built a new deck in the back, renovated our kitchen, added a full bath to the first floor and renovated our son’s room.

House Restoration Project

by Cynthia, Town of Highlands

Clare Home Improvement's experience and knowledge made our restoration job appear easier than it really was. -Cynthia from Town of Highlands, NY
Clare Home Improvement’s experience and knowledge made our restoration job appear easier than it really was. -Cynthia from Town of Highlands, NY

James is a rare delight in the world of contractors. His kindness and creativity sets him apart from all other contractors with which I’ve ever worked. I call him our gentleman contractor. His respect for his customers and a job well done is impressive.

Through previous restoration and house building projects, I’ve met several contractors and learned about their crews and methods. A good and trustworthy contractor is challenging to find. In the past, my husband and I have encountered crews that smoked and drank on the job. They wouldn’t show up for days, even weeks, leaving jobs unfinished. Embarking on our latest house restoration project, we let our previous experience and wisdom guide us. We were hesitant and very careful about whom we chose to work on our house. We interviewed several contractors, and from the first conversation I had with James, there was a reassuring ease about him. At the same time, he exudes an energy and passion for a job well done. I knew we had found our contractor.

James is top notch in his demeanor and his work ethic. One would think that such professionalism would lead to top notch (euphemism for expensive) quotes. That’s partly why he’s such a rarity. His pricing is refreshingly reasonable for the excellence you get in return.

The house we are restoring had been neglected for years before we purchased it. The first job was the roof, and James was there the moment we closed on the house, ready to help save it. We met and spoke with several contractors beforehand. Some roofers didn’t even get back with quotes because the job was too much for them. There are many peaks and challenging rooflines. There were three layers of shingles to tear off first before the new ones could even go on. There was rotting that needed to be mended. Water was pouring into the dining room from the failing roof. None of it scared James. His experience and knowledge made the job appear easier than it really was.

In addition to James’ kindness and professionalism, he knows how to choose good crews. They were all kind and courteous when they were on our property. After dozens of projects over the years, it was the most enjoyable project we’ve experienced with a contractor. It was all because James was at the helm. He was there to oversee every step, making sure that we stayed on course and that it was finished on schedule. We were amazed at the quality and swiftness of the crew. Our neighbors were even stopping just to watch his crew in action. It was like a well-orchestrated theatrical production. The entire project was impressive, just like James. For as long as we own our home here, Clare Home Improvement is at the top of our list for every house project.

-Cynthia, Town of Highlands