About Clare Home Improvement

James Whelan, Owner, Clare Home Improvement, with his daughter and her mare, Katie.
James Whelan, Owner, Clare Home Improvement, with his daughter and her mare, Katie.

Kindness and integrity is at the heart of Clare Home Improvement, because James Whelan is at the very heart of this Cornwall, New York based company. Since 2000, James has dedicated his work and life energy to making homes safe and beautiful in his community. When you consider that a home is the set for everyday life, his work is meaningful and important – especially to the fortunate residents of Orange County. For many Orange County residents, Clare Home Improvement is the go-to contractor for every house project.

The name Clare Home Improvement pays homage to James’ humble beginnings and roots in County Clare, Ireland, where he was born and raised. The business name represents these humble beginnings, as well as the beginning of a successful business from nothing but talent and passion.

James and his company are the epitome of the American Dream. His profound immigrant story is reminiscent of the stories many of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents have passed down to us. The difference is that he’s living it in the present day. With a positive attitude, talent, and passion, James has established a business that actively serves his longtime New York community.

County Clare’s motto is True to our Heritage. The same is true for James. He is true to his roots, himself, his work, and most of all – his customers. He stands out above the others not just because of his charming Irish accent and wit. He sees projects through from beginning to end. James Whelan is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

James and his kind crews are there for your one house project or for a lifetime of house projects. Friendships are as important to James as a job well done. His approach to his community and customers raises the bar on contractor expectations.

One call or note to James, and you’re set for as long as you own your home.